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Mardi Gras is a heck of an alternative to Pancake day! It’s unclear if most people today celebrate it to mark the beginning of lent, but they sure honor the day’s purpose of indulgence. Mark the day in your own way with a Mardi Gras SVG - embrace the spirit of the holiday and go for lots of bright colors and audacious designs!

The good folks of New Orleans are probably onto something by commencing lent with a handover - the mere prospect of food and drink is probably very painful, come Ash Wednesday. You just need to maintain that aversion for 40 days!

Mardi Gras SVG File
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Catch some beads with a free Mardi Gras SVG

If you’re not in Louisiana or can’t take part in the proper festivities, why not use a free Mardi Gras SVG to throw your own parade, digital or otherwise, to celebrate wherever you may be.

Our Mardi Gras collection is among the most varied. We have the most colorful and imaginative graphics, text and illustrations, inspired by parade floats, cultural traditions and of course, the pageantry. You can make some stunning crafts to decorate your home or party venue and dress it up for the event. To make the task even easier, we have some awesome bundles that include the perfect variety of designs to create a wide range of decorations.

Top tip: we have some really pretty SVGs to make your own carnival masks. Once printed, you can make them that much more glamorous by attaching some sequins, ribbons or gems to give them that festive wow factor. You could also print some fleur de lis SVGs to add affix an additional ornament to really make your mask stand out.

With a Mardi Gras SVG file you’ll be partying ‘til dawn

There are lots of cool crafts you can make with your Mardi Gras SVG file. The holiday is all about ostentatious art work, and with the help of your editing software and crafting machines, you’ll make decorations as good as in the Pelican state. At the end of the day, Mardi Gras is about letting go and having fun, so kick back and make some fun crafts for the occasion - just remember to celebrate sensibly!

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