Mason Jar SVGs

This ever stylish sippy cup for grown ups can now be personalized to your heart’s desire with your very own mason jar SVG.

Ever since the hipsters turned our coffee shops and bars into strange, deconstructed and incomprehensible riddles, the mason jar has replaced the glass and cup as the number 1 drinking utensil.

With that in mind, we have a delightful collection of SVG to jazz up your jars with a joke, personal quote or simply to denote what it carries within.. although it’s made of glass, and you can see into it… you can still add some flair to your retro receptacle.

Glowforge Sunflower in Mason Jar SVG
$3.20 USD

Get preserving with a free mason jar SVG

Invented by John Landis Mason in 1858 in New Jersey, once upon a time, the humble mason jar was used for home canning and was an integral part of a home pantry. These days of course, this jar has become infinitely trendy, and with that, it’s utility has gone through the roof. Pick out a free mason jar SVG that’s fit for purpose and get crafting.

Top tip: if you’d like to transfer a design onto your mason jar, it’s best to get your hands on one that hasn’t already been embossed. Transfers work best on a flat, smooth surface, so try to get a plain jar that hasn’t been stamped.

The mason jar is one of the best modern examples of making the most out of something. They have become coffee cups, vases, cocktail glasses, lanterns and fairy light holders, table decor, popcorn holders, bathroom accessories, desk tidies and even planters. So, there’s no end to the designs you could come up with - and there’ll be an SVG for every idea.

A mason jar SVG file for every purpose

With so many different uses, your mason jar SVG file can really serve you for a long time. If you wanted to reuse your canister for a different purpose later on, why not make a jar cover and apply your SVG design onto it. That way, when you’re ready for a change, simply remove the cover and make a new one! Our downloads are super easy to edit and come with a dual license, so you can craft for yourself or for commercial projects.

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