Mermaid Scales SVGs

Just as we’ve had the princess fantasy, we’ve also all had the mermaid fantasy. Breathing underwater, long flowing hair, clamshell bras and schools of fish friends? What’s not to love! But at the end of the day, it’s all about that beautiful swishy tail. You can recreate it’s shimmering beauty with a mermaid scales SVG and add some glimmering mystery to your next work of digital art.

Whether it’s a background or subtle element, there are plenty of uses for the mermaid scale pattern that can add a beautiful touch to your work. Especially if you experiment with different materials - you could print your SVG on holographic or mother-of-pearl paper or card, to breathe some life into your marine idea.

Just keep swimming with a free mermaid scales SVG

Get crafting with a free mermaid scales SVG and see how many things you could marinate to turn your house into your own aquatic wonderland.

If you live by the water or are lucky enough to have a beach house, it’s sort of the rule to have at least some sea-inspired decor inside. You can use your mermaid scales SVG as a stencil to decorate the bathroom or transfer onto some accessories or soft furnishing to give the interior that lovely seaside holiday feel.

Top tip: the little ones love to play a bit of dress up and with the help of an SVG you can sew your own mermaid tail for your kids. Get your hands on some swimsuit material and either transfer on the scale pattern or, since it’s likely to see a lot of wear and tear in the swimming pool, bath or beach, we recommend sublimating direct onto the fabric.

Make-up art has become a sensation on social media, and people are constantly looking for ways to step up their game. If you wanted to create a mermaid look, you can actually use a cut file of the scales, carefully affix it to your face and apply your make-up on top - once you remove the stencil, you’ll have the perfect fish scale effect!

Stay under the sea with your mermaid scales SVG file

You can also use your mermaid scales SVG file to make some really cool trinkets and accessories. We have some awesome patterns to cut your own earrings, and you can transfer the mermaid scales onto your beachwear, including beach blankets and flip flops! Simply download your favorite SVG, edit it in your design software and let your crafting machine take care of the rest!

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