Monogram SVGs

Traditionally, a monogram would feature a person or family’s initials, interwoven into an intricate, unique pattern. But with the evolution of design over time, the monogram can now incorporate many different elements, as you’ll see in our monogram SVG collection. The purpose of a monogram is to put your stamp, your signature on something. To claim ownership, and responsibility, on an item, place or organisation.

The monogram is an emblem of yourself and what you represent. So you shouldn’t brandish it around lightly. A monogram is meant to be one-of-a-kind, and putting it on something - a mark that that thing is special. Take your time in selecting an SVG that really expresses you, then edit it to perfection.

With a free monogram SVG, you can create a lasting symbol

For those of us who don’t come from a family with pinky rings, boasting our heritage, we can still create something distinctive, respecting the past generations of our families and passing on a meaningful heirloom to our children. With a free monogram SVG, you can do just that - and you’ll have the advantage of making it look exactly how you like.

Top tip: with a digital monogram, you can easily add it as a logo or watermark to your online content. But you can also use your SVG for fun 3D crafting projects, including making a stencil to mark your artwork or even as a template for a traditional wax stamp, for important letters or to give as a gift.

By selecting an SVG with your preferred typography, you can experiment with the layout and color scheme of your insignia to best reflect the style you want to portray. We have plenty of vintage or art deco styles, to create a more venerable look, or chic minimalist patterns for a modern-day monogram. Whatever the case, it’s important that you pick a design that truly reflects you.

Leave your mark with a monogram SVG file

The great thing about creating in a digital format is that you can easily recreate your idea at a later date. With your own monogram SVG file, whether you’ve designed an emblem for an individual item or as a whole theme, your saved file will make sure that you can always make more, or keep evolving its look with further editing. Our files come in many different formats, so you can play around with it in whichever design software suits you best.

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