Moon Clipart


You can have it all - even the moon - with our themed clipart collections! Crafters, makers, and designers, you’ll feel the lunar pull towards our moon graphics suited to meet all of your creative needs. Maybe that’s why some of us feel the overwhelming urge to start a new craft project! With our extensive range of clipart, you really don’t need an excuse to break out the craft supplies and make something inspired by this glowing orb in our skies.

If you think that your moon design looks a little lonely on its own, why not combine it with some related clipart designs? A classic combination would be the moon and stars making an inspiring wall art feature in a child’s room. Or, why not use some of our moon graphics to make Halloween extra special with some moon and werewolf designs? These designs will give them something to howl about!

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Black and White Moon Clipart

In its black and white format, moon graphics can be used for so many things. So whether you’re looking at creating moon-themed learning activities for your children at home or designing your own coloring pages for the little ones who love astronomy, we’ve got you covered.

Creating your own coloring page doesn’t have to only be for children. These moon designs - along with some other fitting clipart - would make excellent adult coloring pages to de-stress and bring some zen into your life.

Full Moon Clipart

The moon has so many phases, but we know that all we talk about is the full moon. With so many stages translating to multiple clipart file options, there is so much versatility at your fingertips. For example, some graphic designers will love to focus on the perfect circle full moon for the ideal digital logo design, while others might want to use it to create spooky Halloween decor.

The moon can inspire all manner of projects, and with both a Personal and Commercial License, you’ll be able to craft for business and pleasure. You can use several cut files to create your own shadow box, starring the moon, other planets, and more! The possibilities are truly endless.

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