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Are you a-moose-d yet? ‘Cause we sure are! Get yourself a quirky moose SVG and craft yourself something rustic and quaint. Whether you’re designing something festive or just outdoorsy - there’s a graphic in our collection to suit your needs.

Moose are the largest animals in the deer family and adult males can get as heavy as 700kg! Despite their bulk, they’re non-menacing creatures and generally avoid confrontation. Thankfully, their population in the wild is very healthy and on the rise. Your girlfriend might be make believe, but no one will doubt you meeting a friendly moose in Canada!

Moose silhouettes
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LOVE Christmas with Moose SVG

Enjoy the great outdoors with a free moose SVG

We have a lot of fantastic designs that you could get really creative with. Like it’s deer cousin, the moose is often associated with Christmas decorations and we have many a free moose SVG for your crafting pleasure.

You could make some cute matching pyjamas for the whole family, decorate Christmas cards or party invitations or just pick a pretty cut file so the unique moose silhouette can add to your home decor.

Top tip: a particular favorite is to create your moose design with a tartan pattern - but you can take that a step further. Instead of just printing the pattern, why not use your SVG to cut the design directly from a nice piece of tartan felt or wool and applique that directly onto your garment or home accessory. If you have any Scottish heritage, why not delve deeper and see if you can find your ancestral clan colors!

Hunt for your prize moose SVG file

A moose is a very cool design to add to your portfolio. It has a great silhouette and you can play around with the colors and patterns. Edit your moose SVG file in your favorite design software, prep the crafting machine and see how many fun ideas you can come up with.

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