Moose Clipart

Check out our herd of moose clipart and get creative with some festive or outdoorsy crafting ideas, perfect for the winter season or to reconnect with nature.

The deer’s heftier cousins inhabit North America and are frequently associated with Christmas, when reindeer just don’t fulfil your quadrupedal needs. An interesting fact about moose bulls is that every year, starting in November, they shed their antlers! Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt them, but the antlers fully fall off, so if you’d like to see them around Christmas or include them in your decor, a cool graphic may just be the only way!

Moose silhouettes
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You moose-t check out our free moose clipart

You can make some really beautiful rustic designs with your uber deer, so why not treat yourself to some free moose clipart or check out some of our discounted bundles for extra inspiration.

Your moose clipart is perfect for customizing your own home accessories. You could sublimate some cushion covers, a throw or even print and frame one of our watercolor or folk styled graphics. You could also use your clipart as a template on some tartan fabric, for an even more cozy, traditional feel. Depending on how much moose you can handle in your life, you could even personalize coasters, place mats, your chopping board, mugs and apron! With your clipart you could literally moosify anything that comes to mind.

A really original crafting idea is to make your own shadowbox, adding the moose silhouette to a serene woodland scene. You could even check out some of our other nature inspired graphics and add extra layers to your box.

Stay a-moose-d with your moose clipart file for company

Your moose clipart file will be the perfect way to practice your paper crafting techniques. You could cut your designs with a machine such as Cricut or Silhouette, or you could try using a precision knife if feeling a bit more ambitious. Your craft would look amazing in a mountain lodge or cabin, or you can recreate that style in your own home.

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