Music SVGs

Music is the ultimate expression of feeling and soul. Be it anger, love, joy or heartbreak, there’s always a song or composition that resonates with those feelings. You can create a similar effect through visual expression and use your music SVG to create some stunning designs to complement your most meaningful tunes.

Today there are so many different music genres, it’s hard to keep track. Pun intended. But no matter if you’re into Amadeus or AC/DC, you’re sure to find an SVG that’ll convey your sound in your next design.

And whether you’re crafting something unique for yourself, or want to add a musical touch to a product range or your online presence, our dual license gives you the flexibility to use your SVG for both personal and commercial use.

I Love Music SVG | Microphone SVG
Music SVG Bundle | Dance
Dinosaur Skeleton Enjoy The Music SVG
Saxophone SVG | Jazz Music SVG
Life is a Mixtape - Music SVG Cut Files
Butterfly Music SVG Design
Dinosaur Skeleton Enjoy The Music SVG
Dinosaur Skeleton Enjoy The Music SVG
Saxophone SVG | Jazz Music SVG
I Love Music SVG | Piano SVG
Coffee and christmas music, svg

Feel the beat with a free music SVG

Time to toot your magic flute and get crafting! With a free music SVG, there’s really no excuse not to feel the beat and let the rhythm take over.

We all remember our first time. Heart beating so hard you can hear it in your ears. The anticipation building. The combination of nerves and excitement. And then… the lead guitarist strums that first chord. Our first concert is always special - we finally learn what it is to appreciate music for real! So it’s a wonderful crafting project to make yourself a timeless keepsake or a very special gift for a friend - commemorating that first gig. Use your music SVG to adorn your favorite lyrics or create a frame or background for that first ticket or autograph, if you were so lucky!

Top tip: bendy wire is your new best friend. To achieve the cool effect of your music notes coming alive and off the page, there’s a neat and easy, albeit fiddly, trick. Get yourself some wire and twist it into the shape of music notes. Then, glue it to the end of your printed design, but have it fall off the page and into the air! Just hang it up high enough not to get snagged.

Sing along with a music SVG file

Our collection includes some very cool music SVG file options, especially with a retro and old school rock ‘n roll feel. Even children of the digital age can appreciate the beauty of a record or, dare we say it, cassette tape, so embrace the nostalgia and make some seriously sentimental crafts that celebrate music through the ages.

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