Nativity SVGs

Probably one of the most iconic images associated with Christmas, the nativity scene is a beautiful, slightly more sombre decoration for the festive season. Celebrate one of Christianity’s most defining moments with a nativity SVG and recreate the birth of Jesus for your own home, church or party venue.

Although it represents an awe-inspiring event, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun crafting it. Between the night sky and all the barn animals, you could come up with a more playful idea. You could even combine it with some of our stars or animal SVG collections to make a more full bodied design!

Follow the star to a free nativity SVG

One of the most fun activities over the holiday season is putting up all the Christmas decorations. It can make even the most drab room light up with spirit and anticipation. Pick out a free nativity SVG that will go with the rest of your decor and make it either a sweet addition or the centrepiece of your Christmas layout.

A particularly beautiful project you could try is to make a shadowbox using one of our cut file SVGs. You can either cut out the design by hand or with a machine, such as a Cricut, and assemble a paper box with the stunning nativity scene silhouettes. If feeling ambitious, you can select several cut files, for example for the animals or for the starry sky, and layer them, creating depth and a more intricate composition.

Top tip: if you do decide to make a shadow box, you could try making it out of a sturdier material, such as card or acrylic, and attach some LED lights at the back or in between all the layers - the color of the lights you choose can help set the mood.

Praise the Lord with a nativity SVG file!

Christmas is a time both for your family and your community, so why not use your nativity SVG file to give something back. Warm up your crafting machine or, if you don’t have one, gather some friends to help you and use your SVG to decorate some cards to give out to your church members, or even print out your favorite hymn or passage, with the nativity scene to complete the feel of the holiday.

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