Nurse SVGs


Crafters and makers love using their artistic skills to pay homage to our favorite people, nurses included. Medical professionals are our front-line warriors, working tirelessly for the good of everyone. How fantastic would it be to show your respect and appreciation by creating something special with a nurse-themed design or graphic illustration? Get those cutting machines warmed up and your favorite vinyl or pain’s time for some art and craft time!

These scrub-sporting heroes go through thick and thin to help us, and we have lots of excellent graphics celebrating this toughest and most rewarding of professions. Whether you have a family member or friend who’s a nurse or about to start training to become one, a token of your support will go a long way in keeping them psyched and encouraged!

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Nurse Stethoscope SVG

Show some love to your favorite nurse with a stethoscope SVG. After all, the stethoscope is a rather important tool of the trade for nurses and all medical professionals. Creatives can find a fantastic assortment of these designs and create something wonderful. Pick your favorite and make your nurse, or yourself, a fun t-shirt design. Or, how about using one of these great graphics to create a custom decal for their water bottles?

Did you know that May 12th is International Nurse’ Day - a little-known special occasion that’s the perfect excuse to surprise a nurse with a personalized present, such as a t-shirt or a card.

Nurse Life SVG

What better way to show off the ins and outs of a day in the life of a nurse than one of these fantastic nurse life SVG designs! These needle toting, stethoscope wearing men and women deserve some recognition. With a bit of imagination, crafters and makers can turn one of these designs into something unique!

What about creating an entire care package? You could fill it with some great stuff! You can include a special decal for their water bottle or car window, some fun poster art for their desk or office, or a special scrapbook style sign.