Ornament SVGs

You might be thinking exclusively of Christmas Trees, but an ornament can be literally anything that adds an aesthetic touch to whatever it serves to decorate.

Dust off your precision knives and cutting machines - between decorative frames, paper crafts, decals and illustrations, you can be crafting for a decade. And you don’t need to wait for a special occasion. Whether you’re crafting for yourself or making a gift, when it comes to decorating your home, you should go with it whenever inspiration strikes.

Have a browse through our decorative bundles to see which ornament SVG might make a nice addition to your personal gallery.

Personalise your house with a free ornament SVG

Little trinkets add that personal touch to any room in a house, but instead of getting run of the mill stuff, why not select a free ornament SVG and create your own, customized items. They’ll be unique unto you and feel that much more special because you’ve made it yourself.

Your interpretation of the word ornament can be as loose as you like. In theory, any SVG can be turned into an ornament with the right personalization, but out collection features some of the nicest graphics and versatile designs to craft with a wide range of materials.

Top tip: if you were planning on decorating your ornament with glitter - which we strongly encourage - go over it with a layer of glue or clear nail polish, so it doesn’t leave a sparkly trail everywhere it goes.

If you wanted to print and frame something, our collection also includes some beautiful watercolors, which you could even print on grainy paper to give the design a bit more life and texture.

An ornament SVG file can become an heirloom too

Our downloads are so easy to edit that you could easily repurpose your chosen SVGs for more and more design ideas. You could even put together an ornament SVG file selection, which complements each other, and layer them one on top of another to create a more rich and intricate pattern, or space them out to create a 3D effect. Whether you use your file with traditional paper crafting or a machine, such as Cricut or Silhouette, your ornament design is sure to be a winner.

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