Ornament SVGs

If you love the holidays, and DIY art or craft projects, then this collection filled with festive ornament SVGs is for you! There’s just something so fun and fulfilling about creating a special piece with your own two hands that will hold a place on honor on your tree. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to get the kids involved! They love crafting, too, especially when paint, glitter, paper, or glue is involved. Get that trusty Cricut or Silhouette warmed up, or even your favorite precision knife, because it’s time to get busy creating!
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Tile Ornament SVGs

Crafters know their trends, and our tile ornament SVG collection is the place to find all the popular designs! Who knew that a simple arabesque tile from your local hardware big box store could become such a stunning work of art? Creatives did, that’s who! With just a few supplies, and some gorgeous art or images, you can create something rather fabulous. Fill your tree with favorites, or make some to gift to friends and family. Crafters who have a handmade business will also love the options they’ll see here since they’re such a fun and easy product to create.

Memory Ornament SVGs

While the holidays are usually a rather festive time, it can also be difficult for some. With that in mind, a memory ornament SVG might be a wonderful remembrance project. The loss of a loved one can bring about feelings of sadness and grief, but remembering those we’ve lost can ease some of the pain. Creatives will find a large variety of options here, many with beautiful lettering quotes and designs. Keep your loved ones close and welcome them into your art or craft projects this holiday season. After all, they’re always in our hearts, aren’t they!

Memorial Ornament SVGs

Much like the memory versions, our memorial ornament SVG designs are a sweet way to pay tribute to lost loved ones or pets. When someone special in our lives is no longer with us, it can be hard to keep their memory alive as time passes. A special ornament with a beautiful or sentimental quote would be an ideal gift. Imagine the tears of happiness when your loved one opens their gift and finds such a special present, created especially for them. Plus, these can be displayed all year long and don’t even have to be used on an ornament. You can find so many ways to put your designs to use. Try creating decals, wood signs, or even making tumblers with them.

Teacher Ornament SVGs

Gift-giving over the holidays is not only fun but the perfect opportunity for a creative outlet! Crafters seem to love creating unique items for all the people in their lives, and who can blame them. It’s wonderful to show appreciation and who deserves that more than educators. With a teacher ornament SVG, you can create something they’ll be sure to love for years to come. And it doesn’t stop with tree decor! Many of the fabulous cut files created by our amazing independent graphic designers are ideal for other artistic projects. Try using your teacher design for tumblers, decals, signs, or whatever your creative heart desires.

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