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Pets are more than just domesticated animals, they’re a part of the family and are loyal, loving companions, who’ll always be there for you, without judgement. Let’s pay tribute to our cuddly cats, darling dogs, lithe lizards and everything in between with some pets clipart from our collection of digital critters.

As soon as you get a pet, you can’t help but spoil them rotten. Whether it’s treats, extra cuddles, their own bed (aka your own bed), there are never too many ways to show how much you love them. Why not use your pets clipart to design your own pet-cessories to really help them feel at home.

Cute pets clipart
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Download some paw-some free pets clipart

Adopting from a shelter is the best way to get a pet in your life, so in that spirit we’re giving away some free pets clipart, so you can adopt some lovely images to start your pet themed arts and crafts.

Pets serve many an important purpose, besides loving companionship. They teach kids responsibility, they’re practice for parents before they make a tiny human, they’re a free alarm system for your house. If you or someone you know is about to become the proud owner of a pet, making a DIY craft would be the perfect gift to help them on their way. You can customize collars, leads, beds, you can craft your own toys, make decals for their food bowls or aquariums, design your own pet-friendly welcome mat or you can just keep things simple with an original card.

The world of pets is so varied these days - it’s gone far beyond just the usual cats, dogs and hamsters, now pigs and reptiles and ferrets and snakes are all considered pet material, so even Noah’s ark wouldn’t be enough for all the variety. Lucky for you, our collection is just as expansive, so we’ve left no possible pet uncovered!

Adopt your own pets clipart file today!

You will have a ton of fun coming up with different ideas for how to put your pets clipart file to good use. And if animals are a part of your business or social media presence, all of our downloads come with a convenient dual licence so you have the full flexibility to design for yourself or for your business as well!

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