Pirate Clipart

Thanks to the Caribbean, pirates have been successfully reimagined for the modern times and reminded us how much fun a bit of marauding can be. Pillage and plunder our salty collection for your own wooden legged pirate clipart and set sail for that horizon and treasures untold.

Scurvy, scabies, amputations, infections and tuberculosis. Man, pirates sure lived the dream, didn’t they? Let’s hope all the booty made it worth it! Thankfully, a digital pirate doesn’t have to worry about a lack of hygiene or vitamin C - they can simply look awesome and go on whatever adventures you cook up for them!

African American Pirates

Yargh, it be free pirate clipart booty yer after

Go back in time and create a whole world, filled with quests, monsters and glorious rewards with our striking and colorful free pirate clipart.

Once they get bored with the “honest” jobs like vets and firemen, all kids go through the pretending to be a pirate phase. And it’s definitely to be encouraged, as it gets children to use their imaginations and play outside. You can help them out by making some super fun arts and crafts to make the adventures seem more real. You can use our cliparts to make them a treasure map - of the local park or even your house and garden - and to give it that authentic, rustic look, you can stain it with tea or coffee and carefully singe the borders, so it resembles parchment. You can also make lots of stickers of various pirate and nautical imagery, or even print your chosen graphics on temporary tattoo paper, so your kids can feel like proper hooligans!

Your pirate clipart file will shiver ye timbers!

Us grown ups can have fun with a pirate clipart file too. If you’re into sailing or fishing, you can make a bunch of cool vinyl decals to decorate your vessel and equipment. You could even use your cliparts to make piratey patches and badges to decorate your duffle bag, jacket or whatever other personal item you have that will immediately say - it’s a pirate’s life for me!

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