Polar Bear Clipart


Possibly the coolest (pun intended) of the bear species, the mighty polar bear is master of the Arctic Circle and largest land carnivore. Respect! Show your love for this glorious cuddle monster with some arts and crafts, made with the help of our polar bear clipart.

Whether crafting is your hobby or essential part of your business, our downloads are incredibly easy to use, so you can make some awesome designs with just a few clicks and standard design software. Use your floofy polar bear to try out some new techniques and check out some fun crafting ideas for your clipart below.

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Our free polar bear clipart will melt your heart

Without a bit of arts and crafts, our lives would be un-bear-able, so download yourself some free polar bear clipart and everything will be al-white!

Kids are big fans of the great white giants, so you could make them some t-shirts or pyjamas featuring the white teddies. Since kids’ clothes tend to see a lot of wear and tear, why not use your clipart to try your hand at sublimation - it makes an excellent quality finish and is a lot more durable than standard transfers. You could also make some stickers or decals to decorate their rooms or school supplies. We’re also offering some Christmas themed bundles so you can craft some adorable bears that are channeling their inner Santa Claws.

Our collection includes some really sweet animal bundles, so you could craft a whole polar themed menagerie - how else would polar bears and penguins get the chance to chill out together!

Life would be im-paw-ssible without your polar bear clipart file

Due to the continuous decline of the polar ice caps, these amazing animals are a vulnerable species and need our help if they’re to survive. Why not use your polar bear clipart file to do some activism and design some promotional content to raise awareness or craft some designs in large volumes to host a fund-raising event. Encourage people to adopt some clipart AND a polar bear!

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