Police Clipart

Pointing us in the right direction when we’re lost, taking down bad guys and protecting our nation’s most important people and buildings, the Police work tirelessly to serve and protect us. Show your love and appreciation for these men and women with police clipart and make some awesome crafts to honor their sacrifice.

Bravery is not the absence of fear but action in the face of fear. Police Officers take risks and secure the safety of fellow citizens, enduring risks and tolerating inconveniences on behalf of strangers. New York City alone has 36,000 officers ready to step into the fray, in one of the largest and oldest municipal police departments in the US.

Show your gratitude with some free police clipart attitude!

When it comes to law enforcement themed craft you have the right to remain creative! Children love playing dress up. When we’re little we instinctively recognize that the most fundamental professions are about protecting others. Nurture this altruistic instinct with police clipart projects to make them an eye-catching costume for the next Halloween. Style your own Police radio by using juice boxes, glue and some papercut police clipart, make them their very own custom Police badge or hat to add to the play box so they have the perfect props for a round of cops and robbers.

Community is important to our emergency services so why not show the love and make your local Police department a sign of your appreciation? Browse our free Police clipart collection to find the perfect illustration, cartoon or motif for a poster, cupcake topper or thank you card to show your local heroes you appreciate them and all that they do.

Honor our fallen heroes with a police clipart file

It is a sad truth that in the line of duty many of our brave Police Officers will be injured or worse. Break out your die cutting machine, your favourite design software and a selection of police clipart files to remember our fallen policemen and pay tribute to their bravery in your own creative way. Why not do your bit and raise awareness and money to support families impacted by tragedy? Show solidarity with customized merchandise with the funds going to Police related charities.

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