Popsicle Clipart


Mmm slurp slurp slurp. It’s summer time, it’s hot and that means one thing - sweet icy treats! Get yourself some delicious popsicle clipart and be sure to enjoy it before it melts!

Popsicles are such a simple and genius invention. Frozen juice. Whoever was enjoying a thirst quenching beverage and thought to themselves - I’d rather lick this instead - was a revolutionary mastermind. Incidentally, said genius was none other than 11 year old boy wonder from San Francisco named Frank Epperson, who accidentally left his soda mix out overnight and it froze - voila! The popsicle is born, through sheer careless dumb luck. So just think what great things you might create, just through frivolous messing around!

Some free popsicle clipart will make your day

These chilly delights go down so easily because they don’t have that rich creaminess of ice cream - which also makes them dangerous, because you could eat at least 10 without realizing! Thankfully, with digital snacks you don’t have to worry about all that sugar so treat yourself to as much free popsicle clipart as you like!

These cliparts are fun, pure and simple. You should pick out whichever image looks most appetizing to you and let loose by personalizing whatever you can get your hands on with the succulent, frozen goodness. You can affix decals or stickers onto your personal accessories, including phone covers, laptops or coffee cups. You can design some super cute ideas to post on your social media or add some cheeky and delectable graphics to your brand website.

In the spirit of summer and chillaxing in the sun, you can design your own t-shirt, tank tops and swimwear. If you’re launching a new product range, you use some of our pretty cliparts to make some adorable gift wrap or thank you notes for your customers.

You’ve earned yourself a popsicle clipart file treat

If you’re planning on throwing a summer party, you can use your popsicle clipart file to make some cool and quirky invitations, as well as snack and cocktail decorations - just be sure to use recycled materials so as not to let your sweet tooth be too wasteful! You can edit your chosen cliparts to perfection in your preferred design software and let your crafting machine take care of the rest.

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