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Let’s be honest, there’s not a woman alive that didn’t, at least once, dream of being a princess when she was a little girl. Castles, ponies, trust funds and private security - what else could you want. Well, I’m sure we still want some of those things, so unleash your inner eminence with a princess SVG.

Princesses are staples of all the most famous fairy tales. But stories like Cinderella or Snow White, while classics, always involve some sort of last minute daring rescue by a prince, who barely even knows them. Modern day princesses have turned this old trope around and are badasses in their own right, who fight their own battles. In so doing, the word is no longer associated with a damsel in distress type image, but rather a fierce queen-to-be who takes care of business! So pick out a princess SVG that awakens your inner warrior woman, just with a penchant for the finer things...

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Make a wish and get your own free princess SVG

Whatever you are particularly fond of, or an occasion where you like to make a splash, you can be princess of your chosen domain. Our collection includes many a free princess SVG, which come in a variety of themes to suit your next venture out into the Kingdom. Snow princess, class princess, pool princes, even pizza princess - you can proudly preside over whatever you wish.

Many modern takes on a princess include a drastic make-over, which suddenly makes the girl pretty. Now, we all love a pamper day or the acquisition of some new outfits, but it’s a universal fact that true beauty comes from within - everyone has their own inner grace and strength, we just need that little bit of bravery to let it shine. Transfer your favorite design onto a flattering t-shirt and whether you’re giving it as a gift or crafting for yourself - the second you put it on, you’ll practically see the rose petals falling at your feet. So head up, shoulders back, and show ‘em what you’ve got!

Top tip: for the tiny princesses in training, we have lots of designs celebrating the start of a new school year, ranging from pre-k to 5th grade - you can put the graphic on a t-shirt or their backpack, to give them that extra confidence boost for the first day.

Your princess SVG file won’t lose its slipper

Nor sleep on the job, enchanted or otherwise! Between garments, cards, stickers, badges, onesies, stencils or wall art - there’s no limit to what you can princessify, so get cracking. Your princess SVG file comes with a dual license so you can make lovely crafts both for yourself or for commercial purposes.

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