Psychedelic Patterns

If you’re in need of some awesome new graphics to add to your design toolkit and build up your portfolio, Design Bundles are offering some of the best quality digital resources out there, with a wide variety of options and very generous discounts. Check out our psychedelic patterns collection to get you started!

Ahh the sweet smell of the 60s, what a time that was. From tie-dye to flower power, the art and design world saw some major changes and explored all new possibilities. Bring the essence of that carefree time into the modern world and use your funky pattern to create some striking and trippy designs to impress your friends, followers or even for making unique home decor and accessories.

Collide your artistic scope with our free psychedelic patterns

No, you’re not hallucinating - our free psychedelic patterns really are that amazing, plus we’re offering some out of this world discounts on many downloads, with as much as 50% off! Treat yourself to some gorgeous patterns and get going on some truly mind bending designs.

The 60s aesthetic was all about self expression through bold fashion or anti-fashion choices. Peace, love, Woodstock and a carefree lifestyle were all the rage, hence the rise of some truly bonkers and beautiful patterns and designs. With you favorite psychedelic pattern, why not make yourself an outfit as a throwback to that era - you can up-cycle an old garment, make a humorous t-shirt, a 60s inspired themed costume or some genuinely fun items to hip up your wardrobe.

If you’ve never tried sublimation before, this would be the perfect opportunity. While our graphics look great with traditional heat transfers, sublimation gives not only a neater, more professional finish, but the design is also a lot more durable so your garment can stay with you for many memories, or loss of memories, to come.

Get down and groovy with your psychedelic patterns file

You can use a standard printer and an iron to do the usual heat transfers onto a t-shirt, but if you did want to use your psychedelic patterns file to try your hand at sublimation, you’ll need access to some specialist tools and learn how to use them. Thankfully, the crafting community gets wider every day, so you can find helpful tips and tutorials through our site and connect with other crafters to learn new skills!

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