Raccoon Clipart


Rustle up some fun new ideas with a delightful raccoon clipart to add to your creative arsenal. The cheekiest of stripy animals is here to help you make the most of your digital graphics and make crafting super easy - they’ll have the black bags over their eyes, so you don’t have to!

Watch out, it’s our favorite trash panda coming through! Despite their rubbish reputation, you have to admit that raccoons are actually very adorable - and living the dream! Just eat and chill, then eat some more, ‘til you’re as chonky as you are happy! We could do a lot worse. Embrace the raccoon lifestyle and use your new clipart to make some happy-go-lucky, charming arts and crafts that’ll put a smile on everyone’s face.

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Is that a tiny robber or some free raccoon clipart?

With some super sweet free raccoon clipart you can pay tribute to these resourceful scavengers with some cool designs and DIY projects.

Turns out raccoons have been around for over 40,000 years, although it should really come as no surprise, since these little critters are extremely adaptable and as we all know, can eat just about anything. They also have very sensitive nerve endings in their hands, which are similar to taste buds - no wonder they like to handle everything so meticulously while eating!

You can make some really cute crafts with our cliparts, including cushion covers, t-shirts, tote bags or some endearing decals to go on your personal accessories. We also have Christmas themed raccoon graphics, so they can join your festive woodland display for the holiday season.

A group of raccoons is called a nursery, and inspired by this fact, we have lots of loveable baby-friendly bundles that would be ideal for customizing onesies and pyjamas or making original decorations to decorate your baby’s room.

Your raccoon clipart file won’t bite!

Your cuddly raccoon clipart file will help add that darling touch to whatever craft you choose to make, be it a sticker or a hot water bottle cover. And remember, if you wanted to incorporate the raccoon into your social media presence or product range, with our dual licence you have full flexibility to craft for whatever end purpose you like!

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