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Admit it, you’ve been counting down the days with as much anticipation as for New Year’s Eve or the Pottery Barn sale. Every moment, those three magic words ringing in your ears: back to school! Celebrate this sweet promise of peace with some super fun school supplies clipart.

Yes there will be carpools and report cards, scraped knees and awkward homework questions, but the bottom line is that the apples of your eye will be out of sight and out of mind for at least 6 blissful hours. All those precious minutes that they are someone else’s problem and you can focus on work, wine or gossiping with Janice. With wine.

School clip art, monograms

With free school supplies clipart, that’s one less thing to worry about

Pens, pencils, paperclips, erasers, set squares, notebooks, calculators - you’ve probably forgotten to buy at least half of them, but thankfully, with some free school supplies clipart you can at least create the illusion of preparedness. Although actually, our graphic bundles are so detailed and comprehensive, you could probably print one out and use it as a pretty checklist when you go shopping for everything your kids will need.

The first day of school is exciting for first timers, but as your kids get older, the return to school starts to get accompanied by a soundtrack of moans, groans, protests and sudden onsets of headaches and convenient coughs. You can help ease them back into it by adding a splash of color and personality to their otherwise humdrum run of the mill learning equipment. Why not craft some decals or stickers to adorn their folders and notebooks, or get even more creative with your chosen clipart and make some fun cheeky patches or badges that they can personalize their backpacks with.

A school supplies clipart file can be a useful learning tool

To encourage your kids to not only get on with their homework but get into crafting as well, let them pick out their own favorite school supplies clipart file and have a go at editing it in Photoshop or similar software - they can use their finished graphic to decorate their homework or design their own timetables.

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