Shapes Clipart

You might be into blogging, graphic design, scrapbooking, hardcore carfting or just want to create a unique gift for a loved one - our shapes clipart is the ideal tool to help you make some really cool and eye-catching pieces.

By experimenting with different shapes, you can push the boundaries of expression and come up with some stunning and original art works, be they digital or traditional crafts. And with our dual licence, you can use your shapes clipart to create just for yourself or come up with a whole new look for your product range or social media content.

Shapes clipart
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Some free shapes clipart will bolster up your portfolio

Our free shapes clipart will be the building blocks of your next creative idea. If you’re not sure what your design will be yet, using some clipart can be akin to free association doodling. Just follow the patterns and see what comes to mind.

Whether you want to use your clipart to create a digital background for another design or create a whole impressionist composition, our collection features lots of different styles for you to play around with, including art deco, 60s, boho or modern polygons, to name but a few. We also have lots of themed shapes bundles, including special occasions, as well as particular forms and textures such as brush strokes, vectors, icons or silhouettes.

Depending on what look you’re hoping to achieve, our collection includes shapes that are inspired by nature, flora and fauna, architectural elements, abstract ideas, intricate patterns or just beautiful color palettes.

A shapes clipart file is worth a thousand words

You’re going to have as much fun browsing our beautiful collection as you are crafting with your favorite graphics. Your chosen shapes clipart file can help you DIY some one-of-a-kind pieces that will definitely make your next creative idea stand out. You can use your download with a regular printer, crafting machine or even a simple precision knife, as well as edit your designs in a variety of graphic software.

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