Shark SVGs

Baah-dum. Baah-dum. Buh-puh, buh-puh, buh-puh, buh-puh, badaDAAAH!! Is that a shark SVG coming to get ya? Quick get out of the water!

And into your crafting. These prehistoric creatures are beautiful and badass, with no limit to how their unique and instantly recognisable shape can be used as a design element. We’ll have a bundle to suit whatever you come up!

Yes, they might make you nervous about stepping into the water, but a shark SVG keeps you at a nice safe distance, so you can still appreciate them, without worrying about loss of limb. Just watch those fingers around your cutting tools...

$3.00 USD

Count the teeth of your free shark SVG

Sharks have many connotations, not just chomping on boats in the 80s. They’re powerful, fast, streamlined, and command respect. Plus, they haven’t needed to evolve in millions of years so talk about body confidence!

Whether graceful, playful or scary, a free shark SVG is always cool. Especially, in the form of a fun sticker to pop on your laptop or to hand out as a free favor with your products. Have a float through our clipart and illustration bundles for a shark image that works for you.

Top tip: if you want to use your design on an outdoor surface, like a window or car, a decal will survive the elements much better than a traditional sticker, so stock up on some vinyl sticker paper.

If you’re creating a new logo or editing an existing one and would prefer something a bit more crisp and minimalistic, our free shark SVG range has lots of bundles just of the iconic fin silhouette.

Let your shark SVG file take a bite of your portfolio

If you’ve already used your shark SVG file for your latest project, don’t think that the mighty fish is done with you! Our downloads are incredibly quick and easy to edit, so you can have a play around with your bundle and try making different products on your crafting machines. One month’s greeting card is next month’s bathroom decor!

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