Skeleton SVGs

We’re not sure who first looked at a skeleton and thought - this could be hilarious. But lucky for us that they did, since the skeleton has become a rather merry, rather than morose, image. With lots of different fun styles, pick a skeleton SVG to add a bit of dark humor to your life.

With the right graphic, anyone can find a skeleton humerus. Eh! See what we did there? Anyway… take a peek through our various osteo-ptions, and see which ghoulish graphic might make you master of the macabre.

We also have some Dia de los Muertos specific styles, so you can crack out your boney buddies in November, if Halloween isn’t your jam.

Rattle some chains with a free skeleton SVG

No Halloween is complete without a skeleton being featured somewhere, and we firmly believe that, like Christmas, Halloween is an occasion to go all out with the OTT decorations and glorious tack. Get your hands on a free skeleton SVG and spookify everything in sight!

Our bundles include both cute and creepy illustrations, so you can decide if you want your party feel to be laid back or really into. And of course the less scary images are best if you’re decorating a party for the little ones. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, we even have some life-size skeletons so you could print and cut a whole army of the undead!

Top tip: our skeleton collection includes lots of graphics of boney hands, in various positions and gestures. You could use these, combined with text, to create useful signs for your house or party venue, such as “optional fire exit/flame fan” over the windows or “excretion completion” for the bathrooms...

Don’t forget, if you’ve run out of time for a costume, your free skeleton SVG can also be used to make some quick creepy attire. Add a little facepaint and it’ll even look planned!

Like spare ribs? Then you’ll love your own skeleton SVG file

While our bundles are already pretty fabulous, if you did want to tweak or customize your skeleton SVG file, it couldn’t be easier. Our downloads come in conveniently versatile formats, so you can use your software of choice to play around with the colors or dimensions - then it’s just all down to your pick of materials and crafting technique!

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