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Whatever you do, don’t say this first thing in the day to someone who’s not a morning person. You might not get out alive. A good rule of thumb is to wear a smile, not request it of others. And you’re definitely safe with a smile SVG!

When not forced, smiles tend to inspire other smiles. If a stranger smiles at you on the street, the natural instinct is to return it. So why not use your SVG to send some grins out there, onto social media or literally into the world, and make some toothy crafts just to encourage everyone to try and find some happiness that day, if only for a moment.

Smile SVG Design
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You’ll instantly feel better with a free smile SVG

Surprise someone with a homemade gift, inspired by a free smile SVG. It’s an especially lovely feeling to give gifts, but even more so if you know the recipient could use a little cheering up.

It’s always cute when we personify inanimate objects into adorable characters. Remember the brave little toaster? Who knew a box that heats up bread could tug at our heartstrings so and yes - make us smile! Why not recycle random old things from around the house and incorporate them into your SVG craft - compile your smiley graphic from old buttons, safety pins, expired coupons, whatever you find. They won’t go to waste and they’ll make someone very happy!

You can use your chosen SVG to personalize all kinds of things, including kitchenware, stationery, garment and accessories. There’s never a bad moment to try and put a smile on someone’s face so why not craft as many opportunities as possible.

Bring a smile SVG file to someone’s face

We all know something that never fails to make someone smile is a warm, rich up of coffee or tea. You can use a smile SVG file to transfer your design onto an eco coffee cup and either keep it for yourself to perk you up on the commute to work, or give it as a gift for someone, along with a nice sachet of their favorite hot beverage.

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