Softball SVGs

Baseball’s less glamorous cousin, softball has actually been around since 1887. Invented on a miserable November day, the game was originally intended as ‘indoor baseball’, but by the turn of the century, it had taken on a life of its own. Pick a fun softball SVG to celebrate this special sport for the modern day fans.

It still boggles the mind how the game with such a hard-hitting ball wound up being called softball, but don’t be fooled. The recipients of raspberry-turned-blueberry bruises will tell you that this game is not for the faint of heart. So be bold with your softball SVG designs and show ‘em that you ain’t no back-scratcher!

A free softball SVG - well that’s just a humdinger!

One of the best things about softball, besides the zombie apocalypse gear, is that since its inception, it was always a sport of inclusion. While the major leagues still shine most of the spotlight on male dominated sports, softball was always played by both men and women. In fact it was even encouraged to ensure teams had an even split of male and female players.

Top tip: Good girls steal! Given the above, softball is a fantastic sport to promote for its gender equality. Why not use an SVG to design your own range of androgynous t-shirts and accessories, to raise popularity not only of softball, but how much more fun a game is when its inclusive! I mean, you can still pick the ginger kid last if you want, but they’ll just kick ass for the other side!

There’s no place like home base. If you don’t yet have the crafting machines needed to produce large volumes, keep things simple and make one-of-a-kind softball themed crafts until you’re ready to scale up!

Choke up on your softball SVG file

Because of its similarities to baseball, it’s easy to see how softball can get left out of the limelight. But with your softball SVG file, you can change all that by constantly coming up with original designs and new ways to promote your favourite sport. Why not pick an SVG file and edit it to create your own mascot or team motto!

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