Soldier Clipart

Easily one of the toughest jobs out there, we owe a huge debt of gratitude to our service women and men. Let’s engage our creative skills to pay tribute to these amazing people and use some soldier clipart to make some inspirational and loving arts and crafts.

Wars are complicated, horrifying and until we can evolve to a better level of understanding, probably inevitable. Which means, there will always be a need for courageous young people to step forward and fulfil this great duty. Our soldiers bravely face incredible danger and hardships and must be willing to make the ultimate sacrifice, fighting for their home. Salute them in your own way with some original designs that pay homage to this all important profession.

Clipart Set Soldier In shadow With Scene Soldier

Home of the brave and land of the free soldier clipart!

There are so many wonderful projects you could come up with, with the help of our free soldier clipart. Check out some ideas below and be sure to partake of our amazing discounts on many graphics and bundles.

One of the toughest things for a soldier is being away from home for long periods of time. Why not use one of our cliparts to make them a little gift, to keep them company while they’re away. You could craft a motivational t-shirt, make them a cute travel pillow (since they won’t have many creature comforts where they’re going) or some empowering and badass vinyl decals they could affix to their personal items or gear, where appropriate. They’ll especially miss their kids, so why not work on a craft together, or if your kids are too little, you could make something “from the little one”, which would be extra sweet.

Our collection also includes some historical bundles, including legionnaires, knights and veterans. If your kids are about to learn about important historical battles, you could make the teaching experience that much more fun with some cute and informative graphics to decorate their school work.

Honor our heroes with a soldier clipart file

The heartbreaking reality is that many of our young people never make it home from their tours. For the immense pain this brings to their loved ones, it is important that we all, as a community, honor their sacrifice and make it meaningful. Use your soldier clipart file to spread awareness, do some fundraising, start support groups, or whatever inspires you to respect their legacy and what they stood for.

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