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The itsy bitsy spider went up your Design Space. Get your hands on a spider SVG and spread your ideas in all eight directions!

Poor little spiders have such a bad rep. Sure there are poisonous ones, and the occasional bird eater, but the vast majority of spider’s we’ll encounter are harmless little buddies who just want to go about their day, makin’ webs, ridding our homes of insect pests, and giving unwitting teenagers super powers.

More than that, their unmistakable 8-legged form makes for some really cool design features, especially around the spooky Halloween season.

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A free spider SVG just crawled under your bed...

Do you sleep soundly or pack your bags and move? Luckily with a free spider SVG you don’t have to have nightmares about accidentally eating one in your sleep.

Our collection includes some beautiful and very realistic spider graphics, which would be perfect for surprising and scaring guests, if placed strategically around the place, such as in the corner of the floor, on the toilet tank or bottom of a snacks plate!

Since spiders are also perfectly capable of being adorable, we have plenty of illustrations with sweet little arachnids that could be perfect for decorating some kiddie pyjamas or making stickers to decorate their school supplies.

If you want to crank your Halloween crafts up a notch, you can use a spider SVG as a template and play around with mixed media. Why not get some glittery pipe cleaners and sew them onto the legs or add a bit of bedazzling to the eyes.

Get caught in the spider SVG file web

You can make your spider as tiny or as huge as you’d like, depending on the shock factor you’re going for. Whatever spider SVG file you pick, they’re all incredibly easy to edit in the design software of your choice and work great with all the main crafting machines on the market, be it Cricut or Silhouette.

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