Sprinkles Clipart


What’s even the point of a donut without those glorious sprinkles on top. Just as confectionary needs that final, sugary touch to make it complete, so your next design will be that much more appealing with some sprinkles clipart.

They can be multicolored, gold and silver, long, short, round or square - but that final addition of sprinkles makes any dessert that much more special. The quintessential round hole donut that we all know and love was invented in 1847, but the genius addition of sprinkles didn’t come about until 1913 in the Netherlands. Some sweet, delicious food for thought.

Craft something yummy with our free sprinkles clipart

Our free sprinkles clipart collection may well be one of the most visual appealing and adorable ones of the lot! Our graphics are so enticing, you can almost taste the frosting.

I think we’re all in agreement that everything in life is better with some sort of sweet treat. But when it comes to using these images for art and design purposes, the more fun elements involved the better (to compensate for the fact that we can’t eat the craft!). After all, vanilla ice cream isn’t exactly a thrilling image - but add some sprinkles et voila! It’s a clipart to die-abetes for! Turn your favorite images into vinyl decals or stickers to decorate all your personal items and accessories - you can yummify your phone cover, laptop or even tupperware - for the glorious day when it might contain a dessert worthy of it’s decoration!

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Your sprinkles clipart file will be the final touch!

A dull t-shirt can quickly become an eye-catching and fun garment, with the simple addition of a sprinkles clipart file. Whether you prefer a simple heat transfer, or try your hand at sublimation, you can jazz up your delectable design even more by sewing on some sequins or adding glitter, to really make those sprinkles pop.

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