Stethoscope SVGs

The stethoscope, besides being a cool word, is not only a piece of medical equipment, but has become a symbol with many associations. Healing. Heartbeat. Marriage material. A white lab coat could mean doctor, but it could also mean “experiments on rats” or “pretends to be a dentist to promote strawberry flavoured mouthwash”. A stethoscope is a medical professional’s signature healing tool. The stethoscope SVG will, by association, evoke a similar level of trust in your product or service.

Our SVG bundles come with a dual license, so you’re free to use your chosen designs for commercial, as well as personal projects. Check out some possible ideas below.

Listen to your heart with a free stethoscope SVG

If you’re a medical practitioner or pharmacist, one of your biggest challenges can be working with children. The little ones tend to be scared at the prospect of seeing a doctor, understandably so, since we grown-ups struggle to put on a brave face ourselves. Try getting them to calmly take a needle when they just heard a so-called adult squealing like a boiling kettle.

Top tip: because of its universal shape, you can easily find professional and playful free stethoscope SVG bundles that match sufficiently in style to maintain a uniform theme, while also providing a fun relaxed feel for the little patients.

Reinvigorate your clinic or online shop with crisp, modern graphics for a cleaner, more professional overall look. Since everyone spends so much time on their smartphones, creating an app for your practice is a logical next step. Check out our range of high quality vector files, ideal for a new logo or app icon.

Use your stethoscope SVG file for a brand makeover

Our quick and easy downloads are available in multiple formats, compatible with the majority of design software out there. With just a few clicks, your stethoscope SVG file can create a whole new look for your web page or product range, maintaining the familiarity with your brand, whilst giving it a contemporary reboot.

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