Strawberry Clipart


Is there a more succulent fruit than the sweet, crisp, and alluring strawberry? We can think of a few close runners-up, but the strawberry truly is the belle of the bowl. Treat yourself to some juicy strawberry images and ready your arts & crafts materials.

Strawberries are beautifully versatile - they go with desserts, champagne; they make a great garnish, delicious jams, fruit salads, and of course, dipped in chocolate. Our graphics are just as varied in styles as the real thing so that you could make a whole cornucopia of delectable projects with your clipart as the sugary center.

Cute Strawberry Clipart

You’ll be licking your lips for some adorable strawberry graphics. Strawberries have quite cheeky connotations, so you should have a little fun with your creative ideas. Don’t be too shy to make your design playful. Since strawberries resemble hearts, why not make a more original Valentine’s card with one of our berry graphics. The incredible versatility of these clipart designs is the cream on top.

Seriously sweet and inherently cute, these clipart designs work great for decals, poster art, or wood signs, and as always, t-shirt designs. With a great script font added, you can turn your cute clipart into a farmhouse-style design.

Watercolor Strawberry

Strawberries are divine, but a watercolor version is delightful. Watercolor graphics are ideal for so many projects that creatives will fall in love with the possibilities. There’s something about watercolor graphics that makes them a perfect choice for card designs, invitations, and even for scrapbooking. Plus, with formats like PNG, you can create sublimation designs too!

Try new techniques and materials with your clipart, like stitching on some beads or sequins as the strawberry seeds, or maybe using felt or yarn for the calyx.

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