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Whether it’s a holiday or a business trip, we all get that exciting tingling sensation when it’s time to take to the skies. Now you can capture that wonderful feeling of anticipation with your own suitcase clipart.

A suitcase is change, new possibilities, journeys and exploration, leaving behind the old and embracing the new. Of course, it can also be a source of stress - is it too heavy, will they make you check it, will that airline we won’t mention but we all know the one we mean lose your luggage? Again!? Hey, life is all about these moments, it’s all part of the adventure!

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Get packin’ with some free suitcase clipart

Get ready to make some stickers, decals, tags, logos and patches - with so much free suitcase clipart, you’ll need an extra one just to store all your new arts and crafts!

The mighty suitcase sees us through a lot of important milestones in life. Moving away for college, moving into your first home, vacations, hospital stays, break-ups, relocations and new beginnings! Throughout it all, our trusty suitcase safeguards our possessions and provides a streamlined, wheely great way to transport all our goodies.

A feeling we’ve definitely all experienced is the frustration of waiting for our suitcase to arrive on the conveyor belt at baggage reclaim. And when you see it, there’s a sense of relief...and instant doubt. Is it even mine? Half the suitcases out there look so similar, it’s a wonder we don’t come home with other people’s stuff more often. Why not use your clipart to personalize your bags, or make a fun and eye-catching tag, so you can instantly spot your case from a sea of others.

Adventure, and your new suitcase clipart file, await!

Receiving mail like letters and postcards is becoming more and more rare these days, but is always such a pleasure. Many of our bundles include not only a suitcase clipart file, but a whole theme of graphics inspired by travel and far off destinations. Why not pick out a bundle and design your own correspondence materials or postcards and send a lovely surprise to your friends and family the next time you’re away.

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