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The sun means light, warmth, a glowing tan. Yes, it also means sweat and sunburn, but with a sun SVG, you get all the good parts and none of the perspiration.

If you live in England, then you’ve probably never seen this celestial phenomenon - all the more reason to download this shiny SVG to at least distract you from your vitamin D deficiency.

Since it’s at the centre of our humble little solar system, the sun SVG could have universal applications, wherever you wanted to add it as a design element. And it’s definitely a fun and easy shape to play around with on your cutting machine!

Sun SVG Bundle
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Magical Celestial Boho Sun SVG File
Kissed By The Sun SVG File
Girls Just Wanna Have Sun SVG File

You’ll need strong SPF for your free sun SVG

Alas, between work and busy schedules, many of us don’t get to spend nearly as much time outside as we’d like. We should be so lucky as to worry about protecting our skin! With that in mind, for the computer staring and screen addicts, why not pick a free sun SVG background package to brighten up your day, or a sunset to soothe you at the end of it. You know, with a glass of wine too. From sunny California, perhaps?

Top tip: the sun is also a flower! Don’t forget to check out some of our beautiful sunflower graphics.

Let your creativity run wild. The sun is a star. A fiery giant. A….big ball of gas, if that’s what you’re into. We’re not here to judge. You can customize your own emoji, make some cheeky stickers, or decal the heck out of your personal items, to bring the warmth wherever you may go.

Whip out your shades, ‘cause this sun SVG file is too bright to handle!

Stars like our sun burn for billions of years, so will your sun SVG file last for ages - just keep playing around with new ideas. You can fill Design Space with unlimited SVGs and go nuts with Cricut, Silhouette and Sizzix, to name a few. If you prefer more traditional crafting or haven’t upgraded your tools yet - not to worry, our downloads come in easy to edit formats that you can bring to life with a simple precision knife.

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