Swirl SVGs

Do you remember doodling your name in class, when bored, or practicing your signature, when even more so? Almost without thinking, your hand very likely curled in every direction. You can recreate this youthful fancy, turned artistic staple with a swirl SVG from our curvaceous collection.

The lovely swirl element is incorporated in a myriad different graphics, including frames, dividers, typography, holiday decorations, flora, fauna and even footballs! So, how you choose to include this dainty ornament in your next project is entirely up to you.

Our swirl SVG illustrations would also make for fantastic templates if you wanted to go old school with your crafting and use it to embroider an accessory, such as a purse or a wash bag.

Hand drawn peacock with patterns

Is it a tail, is it a snail? No it’s a free swirl SVG

A swirl, by any other name, would curl as spring. So a free swirl SVG, were it not free called, retain that dear perfection which it owes without that discount! Let your creativity be fancy free and spontaneous, and follow your swirl SVG to wherever it may take you.

Top tip: a swirl reaching its full potential comes in the form of lace. There are some beautiful lace patterns in our collection, which would make for a stunning design feature. However, even the most precise cutting machine, the chances of a lace pattern ripping is quite high. If you’d like to use the lace SVG, it would probably be best to print, rather than cut. With a clear background PNG file, you could retain the delicacy of the lace pattern as a transfer onto fabric or a t-shirt.

Whether filigree or calligraphy, swirls have spread far and wide in beautifying art and design, so you can’t go wrong with a free swirl SVG to make your own.

Add that final flourish to your designs with a swirl SVG file

Unless you’re all about De Stijl, a pretty swirl SVG file will always find a way to complement a design idea, in full or just subtle elements. You can keep your dual license SVG tucked safely in your portfolio and give it a zhuzh in your design software of choice whenever inspiration next strikes. You can print and cut multiple copies with your Cricut or Silhouette and layer them for more textured, full bodied works.

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