Thermometer Clipart


Such a simple concept, and yet so beneficial and necessary! Plus, crafters can truly flex their creative muscles with these designs. No matter how much or how little you know about medicine, every household first aid kit will have an assortment of bandages, expired cough syrup, painkillers, and a thermometer.

You can make some nifty arts and crafts with cute clipart images to pay homage to this great temperature gauge. Of course, medical thermometers are not all you’ll find here. Oh no, we mustn’t forget the all-important temperature gauge. After all, knowing how hot or cold it is outside is important too.

Thermometer Clipart Image 2
Thermometer Clipart Image 7
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Thermometer Clipart Image 16
Thermometer Clipart Image 20
Thermometer Clipart Image 22

Thermometer PNGs

For creatives looking to add a touch of their own crafty style, these PNG designs are perfect! With a bit of editing, crafters and makers can even stack or layer some of these graphics to create an entirely new design concept. How perfect is that! Plus, PNG file formats are great for using with sublimation, creating pattern designs, and with waterslide material.

These clipart graphics are superb for papercrafts, scrapbooking, and journals. You can even use one in your planner or on workbooks for teachers.

Clipart is a great creative design tool for creatives who love to mix and match different images and graphics. Do you like working with clipart graphics and designs?

Cold Thermometer Clipart

Good ‘ole Mother Nature! She sure knows how to dictate a person’s life. Where would we be without a thermometer or gauge to tell us the temperature? These clipart designs can be charming and make for some great themed art. Use a clipart graphic for your paper projects, as part of a teaching tool for the classroom, or some other creative project.

With a dual license, crafters and makers have a wide world open to them! Get your crafting hats on and put your new and unique clipart to use for your next craft or art project.

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