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This mighty bird is the ultimate symbol of America’s signature holiday. Thanksgiving is a time for family gatherings and an absurd amount of delicious food. Turkey is at the centrepiece of such a feast, and so the turkey SVG can be the central figure in your next design.

Get a little more creative than just drawing an outline of your hand. Our turkey collection includes endless ideas for how to crank your next Thanksgiving up a notch. You could make invitations, t-shirts, wall art and other home decor. Whether you have top of the line cutting machines or just a precision knife, there’s a crafting project in our bundles that will be perfect for you - it’s all gravy!

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How to make decor with your free turkey SVG

Take a look through our free turkey SVG range for some cut files. If you’ll be hosting Thanksgiving, you need to make sure it’s an occasion to remember. Besides all the cooking, the dinner table should look its very best, and you can help with that by making some turkey accessories to adorn every seat.

You can laser cut some funky turkey napkin holders and place cards. If you have any spare card lying around, this would be the perfect way to reuse and recycle, or if you wanted to make holders you can use for future occasions - and give that lovely rustic feel - you can laser cut them out of wood. Just watch out for splinters!

Top tip: play around with different materials and textures. You can use your SVG to make several panels on felt and stick them together to make a turkey. You could put this on the invitations or on a popsicle stick to decorate the various dishes on the table.

Leftovers are for quitters, but alas it does happen. Why not put a cute turkey decal onto a set of tupperware and give your guests their leftovers in an original container - useful parting gift on many levels!

Give your Turkey SVG file an official pardon

Turkeys are quite fascinating creatures. Did you know that wild turkeys can fly and sleep in trees? Or that they’re descended from velociraptors? Show some love for these gobbling fowl outside the festive season and make the most of your turkey SVG file. Keep your cutting machines warm and get crafting the whole year round. Maybe use the gentle turkey for practice in techniques you’ve never tried before, such as quilling or marquetry.

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