Turtle Clipart


Slipping through the tall grasses or bobbing along with the waves, these turtle illustrations are something quite special. Few animals manage to be majestic and adorable in one go, but if that’s what you’re after, then look no further.

Our collection of clipart includes some gorgeous graphics, making the most of both these characteristics. Some sweet kid-friendly images, as well as traditional illustrations and funky designs, so it’s turtle really up to you where you’d like to go with your chosen image.

All our clipart comes with a dual license, so you can work on something turtle-themed just for your hobbies or use it for your business or social media presence.

Black and White Turtle Clipart

Creatives looking for some simple graphics will find terrific options amongst our colorful clipart designs. These black and white clipart graphics can have a great minimalist style or be quite detailed. Whichever type is your jam, crafters and makers will find something that suits their design needs.

Pair up one of these incredible illustrations with a compatible quote for a fun t-shirt design, or add it to your favorite tumbler with a decal. You could make great decorations for the bathroom or around a kiddie pool or child play area, as well as posters and banners for school.

Tortoise Clipart

Like many animals, there is more than one type. Tortoises are pretty similar in many ways but have their unique characteristics. These tortoise clipart designs would make adorable artwork for children’s rooms and have a vibe reminiscent of well-loved stories.

Select your favorite images and transfer them to whatever medium you’re creating, whether it’s paper crafts, decals, or fabrics. You can add a turtle touch to your gift wrapping or packaging, and all with just a few clicks.

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