Unicorn Face SVGs

A creature of magic and fairyland wonder. Also, an image of modern pop culture with some delightfully cheeky undertones. Get yourself a unicorn face SVG for one reason and one reason only - to have some fun with it.

With our broad range of designs, you’re bound to find an SVG that matches your personal style and personality, be it cute, chic or fierce. Crafting is an opportunity to express yourself, but that doesn’t mean you should take it too seriously - a unicorn face is the perfect excuse to get a little silly and just make something for the simple joy of it.

Once upon a time, there was a free unicorn face SVG...

Pop on that signature horn, multicolored bangs and beautiful oversized eyelashes and you can make anything instantly quirky and magical. Choose your favorite free unicorn face SVG or have a browse through our many generous discounts and start giving mythical make-overs to all your personal possessions.

All little girls get a kick out of dressing up like fairy princesses, but a fairy unicorn is a lot more original and that much more fun. If you’re throwing a party for your little one, instead of little crowns, why not use your SVG make little unicorn masks or headdresses.

Top tip: a unicorn isn’t a unicorn without a bit of sparkle. Once you’ve printed or transferred your design, make sure to get your hands on some glitter or sequins and add that final sparkle every unicorn princess deserves.

If you produce any confectionery, or have the right equipment, you can even use your SVG on sugar paper or as a stencil to decorate cookies and cupcakes.

A unicorn face SVG file will always bring a smile

This adorable image can find its way to a greeting card, a sticker, a decal, a t-shirt or even a pair of earrings - our collection includes endless possibilities for you to add a touch of equestrian rainbow dazzle to whatever strikes your fancy. Just ready your favorite unicorn face SVG file, design editing software, some raw materials and a crafting machine.

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