Vacation Clipart

We all need a getaway from time to time - to explore new environments, experience different cultures, or simply relax and enjoy some rest, peace and quiet. Get in the mood for your next trip with some of our inspirational vacation clipart.

After months of early mornings, frustrating colleagues, extra shifts and sleepless nights, it’s finally here, what you work so hard for - your worry free vacation! Abandon the office suits for swimwear and flip flops, stare at the ocean instead of a computer screen, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, instead of the air conditioning. It’s time to lay back on a sun lounger, take a deep breath and start drinking cocktails at 10am! You’re on vacation! Everything’s allowed!

Ready the sunblock and some free vacation clipart

If we didn’t have holidays, we’d burn out and go crazy in no time at all. So while some might see it as an indulgence, taking some time to yourself is extremely important to your physical and mental health. So treat yourself to some free vacation clipart and make some crafts to go with this all important activity.

If you’re travelling with your family, you could make some adorable matching t-shirt or caps. It’s nice to make mementos of your trips away, particularly if they’re for something special, like a wedding or Christening. With our fun cliparts, you can design a monogram or logo for every trip you take and make badges or patches that you can affix to your bags, decorate a photo album, or simply collect and reminisce at your pleasure.

A roadtrip with your friends is a particularly fun type of holiday - no parents to cramp your style, just buddies having fun, heading for that horizon. If you have a laser cutter or other crafting machine, you could use one of our cliparts to make your photo frames to commemorate the trip and give as a lasting gift for all your travel companions.

Enjoy your tan and vacation clipart file

Coming home after a lovely holiday is always a bit of a bummer. Back to the gray and humdrum everyday. But one fun way to alleviate this depression is to get stuck into a bunch of crafting, inspired by your recent getaway. So download your favorite vacation clipart file and get going on some DIY projects to keep you busy until your next sunny break.

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