Vampire Clipart

Where would we be without the myths and legends of vampires? The world would certainly be a more dreary and less sexy place to live in. Whether you’re into bat morphing terrifying ones or whiny hair gelled sparkly ones, our spooky collection is bound to have a vampire clipart that gets your skin tingling.

Vampire stories have been keeping us scared for generations, but with the dawn of great television series, scary slowly transcended into exciting adventures and endless love triangles. Whatever atmosphere you want to convey with your next project, our designs are sure to make you Stoked...

Ve vant too geeve you free vampire clipart!

With our free vampire clipart, you’ll be sucking your printers dry of all their juices to make as many eerie arts and crafts as you can!

The Halloween party is drawing nearer and the stakes have never been higher. If you’re the host, then you’ve got to impress! Luckily, as far as the decorations go, our vampiric bundles have got you covered. Bats, coffins, capes and pointy teeth - all the Nosferatu accoutrement have been prepared for your bloody thirsty pleasure. You can make posters, garland, signage, invitations and snack decorations, all with delightfully spooky undertones to creep out your guests.

If you’re into a bit of fan fiction and like to do a little creative writing, of the horror fantasy romance persuasion - which we applaud and encourage - you could use some of our more sultry cliparts to illustrate your next chapter. Or for something less salacious and more child friendly, we have lots of adorable bundles too, so you could DIY a cutesy kid version of dracula or some other famous fairytales, decorated with some of our sweet graphics.

Draw the curtains for your vampire clipart file

Keep the garlic and holy water close by, your vampire clipart file might even give you the creeps! But not to worry, we have options that are elegant, frightening, enticing and irresistibly adorable, so whether you’re crafting a fun set of PJs for your kid or putting together a gorgeous gothic composition, your clipart file will be handy for a high quality, professional finish.

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