Vintage Botanical Illustrations

If you want to design something eye-catching, striking and timelessly stylish, then look no further than our vintage botanical illustrations collection. These graphics have an irresistible, unpretentious refinement to them, which make them ideal to create a decorous atmosphere, with just a hint of naughtiness.

There’s something about old school plant designs that just instantly says “old world elegance”. It reminds us of days gone by, with flapper girls, chic bobs and jazz. The golden age of American literature, innovations in music, all wrapped up in classic etiquette. These days, you’ll often find his style being imitated in high class cocktail bars and lounges - trying to recreate this retro decadence and take us back in time.

Create a quirky scene with some free vintage botanical illustrations

Some beautiful floral drawings and patterns never fail to add a touch of grace to arts and crafts and our free vintage botanical illustrations offer some truly stunning options to elevate your next design to new heights.

If you’re putting together a digital composition, some vintage flowers will add a lovely, rich texture to your work, either as a vibrant background, or borders, page breakers and decorative elements. You can design some gorgeous event invitations, as well as craft your own decor for the venue. You could also create your own cards and gift wrap, to give a present as unique as its outer packaging.

Many of the pieces in this collection would also make for very beautiful wall art for your home or work space. Why not print them on stained or grainy paper, to resemble parchment, or add fabric elements to your printed illustrations, such as velvet. You could even use your illustrations as a template to embroider the design, or use some real dried leaves as additional decoration to really bring the images to life.

Download a vintage botanical illustrations file and get ready for the Charleston!

All the graphics in this visually alluring collection are perfect for decorating, scrapbooking, jazzing up your online content and making some seriously enviable crafts for your home, and wardrobe! Whatever strikes your fancy, you’re bound to find the perfect vintage botanical illustrations file to give your portfolio its own Belle Époque.

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