Wine Clipart


Take life one sip at a time. Whether your poison is flirty and fun white, sultry and seductive red or the lightly blushing delight of rosé we have an extensive collection of wine clipart that you can enjoy without any guilt or calories.

Start the day with a smile and finish it with a glass of wine and a crafting project. In our collection you will find all manner of clipart so you can find exactly what you are looking for. From watercolor illustrations to wine inspired monograms, wine stain graphics, corkscrew and grapes designs perfect to use with a multitude of cutting machines, software and materials so pop open a bottle and enjoy an evening of creativity.

Grab the blanket, hamper and the free wine clipart

Wine and picnic are the perfect summer past-time, so why not use your free wine clipart to send personalised invites to all your friends. Browse our collection to see which style calls to you, give the clipart a quick tweak if needs be and either send them digitally or print and post.

Did you know it’s possible to sublimate on glass? Personalised glassware makes for a thoughtful gift for any occasion, especially a wedding or milestone birthday. When working with glass be sure to protect yourself by wearing gloves to avoid any accidents. Don’t think your free wine clipart file can’t be used elsewhere; you can create logos, a background for your webpage, graphics for a menu, recipe or wine review. Add some je ne sais quoi to your own gift packaging or 3d print a keyring to remember, or recommend, your favourite bottle!

Top tip: if you’re feeling less adventurous and would prefer to stick to adhesive vinyl for your design, you must remember that you’ll be transferring onto a curved surface. Cut as close to the edges as you can, and for more intricate designs, cut in slits to help reduce wrinkling. Use a scraper tool from the center to the outside to press any bubbles that may have appeared.

Stop whining, your wine clipart file will never be empty

Every wine clipart file in our collection is quick and easy to download, compatible with most design software and perfect for as many crafting techniques as there are incomprehensible wine varieties. You can use your Cricut or Silhouette to cut designs and transfer them onto your material of choice, or just for some amusing paper crafting.

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