Wine Glass SVGs

Contrary to popular belief, wine, not a dog, is man’s best friend. It was the best of times, it was the worst of times - and wine saw you through them all. Pour some barolo into your wine glass SVG and enjoy a design bundle tasting session.

White wine is flirty and fun, goes with fish or a summer salad. Red wine is sultry and seductive, for red meat and cheese. And pink wine is a light blushing delight - goes with an empty stomach, bad ideas or a bad day at work. Whatever you’re trying to digest, the delivery system is the same - a tall, elegant chalice. All that’s missing is a chic SVG to communicate your hic hic

Dionysus blesses you with a free wine glass SVG

While you’re welcome to adorn a tshirt or greeting card with your favourite vino factoid, a free wine glass SVG offers you the opportunity to try out a particularly delicate crafting technique - personalising your own glass or flute.

Yes indeed, you can sublimate on glass. Of course, you’ll be handling a particularly delicate item, so be extra careful. Wear gloves, just in case the glass shatters, and secure the stem to your work surface, to ensure a neat smooth transfer.

Top tip: if you’re feeling less adventurous and would prefer to stick to a vinyl decal, you must remember that you’ll be transferring onto a curved surface. Cut as close to the edges as you can, and for more intricate designs, cut in slits to help reduce wrinkling.

Needless to say, do not operate crafting machinery under the influence of alcohol. First, finishing printing your free wine glass SVG design - then crack open that ‘74 Lafite. No wait, that’s sewage. The ‘74 Latour.

Your wine glass SVG file will never empty, for inks will be your wine

Personalised glassware makes for a thoughtful gift for any occasion, especially a wedding or milestone birthday. But don’t think your wine glass SVG file can’t translate to other design features. You can create logos, a background for your webpage, graphics for a menu, recipe or wine review. Zhuzh up your own custom gift packaging or laser cut a keyring to remember, or recommend, your favourite bottle!

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