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Oh, the joys of exercise. A source of misery, as well as pleasure, but undeniably good for us both physically and for our mental health. So get your sweat on and destress with some of our workout clipart.

They say you lose weight in the kitchen and build muscle in the gym. Frankly, this seems to be the healthier, and more productive approach to exercise. It’s to make you stronger and healthier, not make you stick thin and forced to give up grilled cheeses. The key thing to enjoying your workout is to figure out what you actually enjoy doing - then it won’t seem such a chore. Hate running? That’s fine.. because it’s hideous. So, why not try swimming instead, or a dance class? Can’t stand doing burpees - no doubt, Satan’s invention - no problem, take up weight training or try your fists at a boxing class. There’s always a plan B, so why not get some inspiration both to flex your creative muscles, as well as the physical ones.

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Drop and give me free workout clipart!

Our physical fitness collection is full to the brim of fantastic graphics that cover a wide range of activities, so why not do a circuit around our free workout clipart and who knows - crafting might help you figure out your perfect sport!

It’s fun to personalize your gym gear and some fun cliparts may be just the way to do that. You can use sublimation to design your own, unique gym t-shirts and tank tops. You could also apply a decal to your water bottle and weights, plus you can make a badge or patch to affix to your gym bag - maybe a new graphic for every new sport you try?

Seeing how much you’ve progressed is a key motivator in committing to exercise and actually getting excited for your next workout. Why don’t you track your success by using our workout cliparts to design your own progress sheet - complete with weekly achievements and long term goals. Just remember not to push yourself too hard, take breaks, drink plenty of water and have that darn grilled cheese once in a while!

Your workout clipart file will get your heartrate going

If you happen to be a trainer or coach, or maybe run your own online classes or yoga studio, then you’re in luck. Every workout clipart file comes with a dual licence so you’re very welcome to craft and design just for yourself or for your business as well. Create some new and eye catching promotional content or update your social media look!

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