Wreath SVGs

A wreath on your door immediately says - here live fun, festive people, who want to spread the joy to all who pass by. A wreath SVG is the perfect way to carry that over beyond your front door and digitally enhance your next project with the holiday spirit.

With a dual license, you can use your new wreath SVG for some personal home crafting or as a fun new look for your online presence or product range, it’s entirely up to you! As a decorative feature, there are so many ways a wreath can enliven your designs - check out some ideas below...

A free wreath SVG can transform your gift or product

In our free wreath SVG collection, there are numerous beautiful options that can add that perfect element to your existing style.

Top tip: why not check out our leaf SVG collection to pick some vector designs to craft your own wreath from scratch. You could even go eco-friendly and use a template to cut out fallen leaves, instead of paper - your wreath will be a friend to the trees and look stunningly natural.

While it’s easy to get hung up on the image of a wreath for Thanksgiving or Christmas, the wreath itself can actually look like… anything you want. It’s basically a circular frame, and said circle can be comprised of whatever shape or pattern strikes your fancy. You could choose a flowery wreath for the launch of your spring line products, or a Roman-esque split wreath to design your own Cannes-style award. You could also laser-cut a minimalist SVG to make a chic wreath photo frame or placeholder.

A wreath SVG file for all seasons

Wreath-ink your next crafting project by playing around with your chosen wreath SVG file. If you want to re-use your bundle all year round, you can just change the color scheme to reflect the season. Our quick download files are so easy to edit, you can quickly recolor your graphic for fall, winter, spring or summer, depending on what you need!

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