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How to Draw a Pineapple
  • By Christine Hattingh
  • 06 Jan 2022
  • 7 Mins
  • Drawing Tutorials

How to Draw a Pineapple

Learn how to draw a pineapple in this beginner four step drawing tutorial.

Some fruits are sweet and some sour. Let’s see how to draw a pineapple, the only fruit that wears a crown. In this tutorial, we take you step-by-step through how to draw a pineapple, its crown, and its segments.

Before you jump into the tutorial, get all your supplies ready. You can use any medium like pencils, paint, Procreate, Photoshop, etc. If you are using Procreate like we are, we have a great selection of different Procreate brushes you can use to follow along.

How to Draw a Pineapple 1

Step 1 - Sketch the Pineapple Shape

Using an art medium that is easy to remove, like a pencil, sketch the general shape of your pineapple. Pineapples come in many shapes and sizes, so there’s no right or wrong way.

We used these pencil Procreate brushes for our sketches.

Pineapple Body

Start with sketching the body. The body shape can be oval or more squared with very rounded corners like ours.

How to Draw a Pineapple 2

Before we start sketching the crown, draw a vertical line through the center of your pineapple.

How to Draw a Pineapple 3

Pineapple Crown

Using the centerline as a guide, draw a leaf on either side at the top of your pineapple body. Next, draw a larger leaf that is in the center and two smaller ones on the side.

At the bottom, add leaves to fill out the pineapple crown. For our example image below, you can see we have three leaves pointing downward. This will give the pineapple more definition.

How to Draw a Pineapple 4

Step 2 - Sketch the Pineapple Segments

To add more detail to your pineapple, roughly sketch the segments on the body. The easiest way we found how to draw a pineapple segment is by drawing half an octagon using the pattern below. You can also use a honeycomb texture pattern if you find that easier.

How to Draw a Pineapple 5

Start at the bottom of your pineapple with the pattern and work your way to the top.

How to Draw a Pineapple 6

Add the final details to the segments, like the prickly bits in the middle. And lastly, roughen up the outline of the pineapple’s body shape as we did below.

How to Draw a Pineapple 7

Step 3 - Outline the Pineapple Sketch

In this step, you will outline your pineapple. If you don’t need to outline your pineapple and want to start adding color, see the next step.

Switch to your medium of choice for the outline and start outlining the pineapple sketch. Don’t outline the centerline or the squared pineapple body.

For our outline, we used an ink Procreate brush to give us variation in the line thickness as we draw. Once you are done outlining, you can erase the rough sketch.

How to Draw a Pineapple 8

Step 4 - Color in the Pineapple

To finish off our pineapple, we will color it in. Depending on what your medium is, start with light colors first. Feel free to use your own colors and shading style.

For the pineapple body, use as many or as little shades of yellows and oranges as you want. Start in the center with a light color, then color everything else in with a yellow. Using an orange color, we made half circles above the lightest color.

For the pineapple crown, we used two shades of green and colored each half of the leaves a different shade.

How to Draw a Pineapple 9

How do you like your pineapple? Is its crown fit for a queen? We had a lot of fun with this tutorial, and we hope you enjoyed following along. Want to try out more drawing tutorials? See how you can draw a penguin or how to draw a flower.

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