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Selecting, finding and Isolating objects in Affinity Designer

Posted on 25th April 2017
1- Open Affinity Designer.

2- Open your design.

3- To select a specific object in your design, click on the move tool and then click on the design to select it.

4-  If you select the object in front of the one you wanted, hold the ALT key and click until the object you wanted is selected.

5- If you want to select the top layer and the ones below them as well, click on the top layer then hold the SHIFT key and continue clicking until all the objects you require are selected.

6-  If there is an object that you want to select and you cannot select it, go to the layers panel and check to see if there is a padlock on the layer. The padlock prevents you from adjusting that particular object on the design.

7- You can still select the locked layers via the layers panel.

8- You can select individual objects in locked layers by selecting the arrow on the locked layer, the individual objects will be under in and then you can select the specific one.

9- The "edit all layers" toggle icon at the bottom of the layers panel can give the option to edit all the layers.

10- If turned off you can only edit the selected layers in the layers panel.

11- Some items are grouped, you can tell they are grouped by selecting an object and in the top left the group icon appears, and in the layers panel group will also be seen.

12- To select a specific part of the group you can hold the CTRL key and select the object on your design you can then see all the different parts of the grouped object.

13-  If you are unsure where your object is in the layers panel select it on the design then right click and select find in layers panel. This will highlight it in the layers panel.

Design is from and the file is called Chalk Wedding Invites

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