Photoshop Gradients

Gradients are used to make transitions from one colour to another in a slow, gradual manner. This degradation of colours provides very beautiful perspectives. Throughout the colour stretch, both colour and transparency can be changed. Several gradients are selected to give complex gradients.

Apart from adding depth to illustrations, gradients can also define shapes, show light direction, mix colours or add visual interest.

Predefined gradients that you may need at any time while working with Photoshop saves you a lot of time. Gradients are one of the most commonly used tools, especially when preparing backgrounds, icons and buttons for web pages.

Here is a collection of some common gradient packages:

Vintage gradients: This is a set of 18 vintage gradients which are ideal for creating backgrounds in the development of print and web design on a retro theme.

Ocean Breeze gradients: This pack consists of 140 gradients which can be very useful for creating designs of ocean themes.

Web gradients: This set contains 30 gradients that you can use to create beautiful designs in the style of Web 2.0.

Monochromatic gradients: Here you can find a set of 38 gradients, from very light to very dark for most colours of the spectrum.

Real sky gradients: This is a set of 13 gradients that represent the natural colours of the sky, from sunrise to sunset, and from the sunny sky to the storm.



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