Photoshop Layer Styles

Layer styles are Photoshop utilities for applying quick and customizable effects to elements of an image. With a few clicks, you can achieve some effects typically used in graphic compositions without having to go through complex procedures that require several steps. Examples of these effects are shadows or highlights, The application of layer styles is dynamic in that, even after editing the contents of a layer, the effects remain intact.

You should keep in mind that there are no set formulas when it comes to using layers. Some layers are perfect on some designs, but others are not; experimentation is, therefore, key. So, if you want to unleash your full creative potential, go ahead and try out as many layers as possible and see which represents your idea best.

Here is a brief description of different layer styles that you should try:

Parallel shadow: It allows you to add a shadow under the layer in any direction. You can then configure it to your own liking by modifying some options such as structure and quality.

Inner shadow: This effect allows you to add an inner shadow giving a feeling of depth.

Bezel and relief: With this effect, it is possible to give the sensation of relief in the object that you have in the layer. It can be both outward and inward.

Inner shining: It creates a glow from the edges of the object that you have in the layer inwards.



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