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For artists and designers, there is always the need to ensure top-notch colour quality for all their works. This is because they understand that the choice of a suitable combination of colours or colour palettes is essential for a pleasant look. A poor choice of colours can ruin an entire project. Also, if you decide to be using personal colours every time, there are high chances you will be repetitive when deciding what colours to use for your project.

It is also true that creating or choosing the perfect colour palette for every occasion can be very challenging. For these reasons, we have provided you with numerous palettes among which you will find colours for all kinds of designs - elegant, retro, Christmas, holidays and shiny, among others - that you will undoubtedly find very useful.

Pallets can be put into three groups mentioned below;

Monochromatic colour palettes: These palettes have variations of the same colour. For instance, the violet colour palette.

Analogue colour palettes: The palettes work with colours that are close to each other within the colour wheel. This combination is very pleasing to the eye and works well on most occasions. Ideally, one of the colours is dominant while the others complement it.

Complementary colour palettes: These palettes are all about combining colours that are at opposite ends of the colour wheel. This adds contrast to photos.



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