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When it comes to figures and drawings, it is hard not to recall childhood drawings. You probably painted ships, cars, people, jewellery and competed among yourselves in this enjoyable task. Thanks to technology, this creative process has been made more accessible and applicable. You can easily make any web project more interesting and brighter using shapes from photoshop.

Photoshop shapes allow you to use vector graphics to their full potential. They are useful since, in the absence of the necessary brush, you can select the right one and use it without restrictions. However, shapes are different from brushes in that they can be easily scaled without loss of quality and sharpness.

Here are some of the most impressive shape collection for Photoshop:

Revolutionary: The collection consists of shapes of people, artworks and objects that represent the age of revolution.

Sun rays: If you have ever wondered how sun rays are drawn. Here is the answer, it consists of thirty shapes of detailed sunbursts.

Car logos: This collection consists of shapes of almost all car logos such as Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Audi and Peugeot, among others.

Marine theme: The shapes in this collection represent marine objects such as submarines, skulls and sailing ships, to name but a few.



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